Onyxias Lair boost On BoostBay.com – Enough With The DoT’s!

Seriously, there’s a limit! That aside, let us tell you why you need Onyxia’s Lair boost.

Onyxia’s back in 2006 looked exceptionally complex in contrast to other raid content. But now, we know that her actual difficulty came from a combination of random ability pattern, and an “ingenious” mix of taunt immunity with an aggro reset between phases. No wonder her 45-yard flame breath has spelled countless wipes. And whelps. So many whelps…

There are two main causes for trouble. Either some DPS wants to top the meters and never stops dealing damage, which leads to Onyxia cleaving/burning a dozen people. Or the MT can’t efficiently generate aggro. Remember times when pulling aggro on a boss was common? Because they’re back!

In case you’re not ready to test your patience against that amount of trouble, head over to BoostBay.com, where you can easily find a competent group at a reasonable price!

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